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Software and demonstrators from Robotics and Semantic Systems

Natural Language Tehchnologies

A system that Creates 3D Scenes of Road Accidents from Written Reports

Direkt Profil
A program for developments when learning French

The sematic parser

Semantic parsing: PropBank/NomBank frames.

Semantic parsing: Framenet frames:
A re-engineered version of LTH's system that participated in the SemEval-2007 task on Frame-semantic Structure Extraction. In short, it performs semantic analysis of English text in the FrameNet paradigm.

Treebank converter: The LTH Constituent-to-Dependency Conversion Tool for Penn-style Treebanks
This is a tool to automatically convert the constituent format used in the Penn Treebank into dependency trees. The tool was used to prepare the English dependency treebanks in the 2007, 2008, and 2009 versions of the CoNLL Shared Task.

Robotics and Automation Software

Lund Java based Real-Time