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Available Master Thesis'

Available Specific Master Thesis Topics at RSS

We have at the moment a number of concrete master thesis topics available:

  1. Intent recognition/classification during collaborative tasks (contact Ayesha Jena)

    Projects on SPOT

    1. AI Foundational Models on SPOT: Large Language Models such as ChatCPT are now even used in robotics for short-term planning. There are also smaller multi-modal Transformer models trained to transform modalities such as images and speech to text. Collectively these pre-trained models are increasingly called AI foundation models.
      In this master thesis we want to play with some of these foundational models and test how to best combine the strengths and weaknesses of such models with fielded autonomous robot such as SPOT in everyday complex unknown environments.
    2. Make SPOT bring you a cafe!: Your task is to implement a cool Get me a cup of cafe demo on the SPOT robot. You will not need to start from scratch but you will be able to rely on a huge amount of existing software. This is a task for software engineers.

    3. Mosquito-Vision on SPOT: Most computer vision approaches are computationally expensive and require juicy graphics cards and processors. However, we all know how good mosquitos are in finding human prey despite of being so small and “computationally limited”. In this project you will implement a mosquito-vision inspired person-detector and compare its performance and power consumption with one of the classic computer vision- based person detectors like YoLo.


    Master Thesis on a Robot

    We have plenty of good ideas for master thesis on a robot.

    If you want to do a master thesis on one of our robots and you fulfilled the requirements below then talk to us.

    We have a big variety of different topics. You can focus on software engineering, machine learning, AI, robotics or even image processing. You can decide the focus. Then, we can work out a topic together.


    • Good knowledge of Python
    • You should be very good in Software Engineering and/or in mathematics.
    • Depending on the project you want to do, you should have passed a course with a grade >=4 on at least one of the following topics:
      • Applied Machine Learning
      • Machine Learning
      • Robotics
      • Intelligent Autonomous Systems
      • Image Processing / Computer Vision







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