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Breakfast Seminar by Richard Pates: Scalable design criteria for large-scale dynamical systems


From: 2023-12-05 09:15 to 10:00
Place: E:2116
Contact: emma [dot] soderberg [at] cs [dot] lth [dot] se

Seminar within LTH Profile Area AID with Richard Pates from Department of Automatic Control

Abstract: Kirchhoff's current and voltage law impose constraints onto the dynamical behaviour of physical systems that apply across all length scales. For example, Kirchhoff's voltage law states that the sum of the potential differences across the components in every circuit in an electrical network - both long and short - is zero. In this talk we will examine some of the constraints this imposes from the feedback perspective, with the goal of developing scalable approaches for designing large-scale dynamical systems.


Speaker: Richard Pates, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Automatic Control



Organizer: LTH Profile Area: Pillars of AI and Digitalization