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Nordic AI Popup Live - Understanding Robots

Shape text. Nordic AI Popup Live Understanding Robots


From: 2022-11-24 16:30 to 17:45
Place: Online
Contact: Jonas [dot] Wisbrant [at] cs [dot] lth [dot] se
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A robot is much more than a computer with a body. Most people who have tried to talk or socialise with a robot know that it is not simple. While computers operate in a clean, static digital environment, a robot needs to interface with the messy and dynamic flowing of the real world. For it to work, humans need to understand the robot's language, world view, ability and intentions. Also, the robot has to be able to make sense of what we say and do, maybe even get an understanding of what we think, feel, and want in realtime, so in coordinated and dynamic ways.

Nordic AI Popup Live Understanding Robots 24 November takes a look on both sides of the problem: We show how to go about to develop social robots that understand people and can convey their own intentions - and how humans actually understand these robot signals. We add to the complexity by discussing future needs of human-robot interaction on other planets or in weightlessness in space.

On site are experts in psychology, cognition, robotics, and human robot interaction. The chat is open for questions and discussion.

When: 24 November

Where: Online via

Spoken language: English


  • Simon Bøgh, Professor, Robotics and Automation, department of materials and production and  AI for the People, Aalborg University
  • Valentina Fantasia, Associate Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Science, department of Philosophy, Lund University
  • Elin Anna Topp, Senior Lecturer / Reader, Robotics and Semantic Systems, department of Computer Science, Lund University
  • Johan Wester, Host and moderator, Skånemotor.

On the chat

Members of AI Lund Coordination Group and AI for the People at Aalborg University


The event is organised in collaboration between AI Lund at Lund university and Skånemotor.


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