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Thesis topics for RSS-supervised theses

The Robotics and Semantic Systems group does research related to various areas of widely understood Artificial Intelligence, including Cognitive Robotics, Industrial Robotics and Automation, Human-Robot Interaction, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Knowledge Representation. Most of our research has practical nature and consists of building systems with specific properties mimicking some aspects of intelligence.

The courses we offer can be found in the following page:

If you are interested, please contact us to discuss further, either based on an existing thesis proposal (e.g., from industry) or on your ideas and interests. Either contact a person (listed below) based on your specific interests, or Jacek Malec, who is currently the RSS coordinator for thesis work. 

  • Cognitive Robotics (prerequisite EDAP20), Elin Anna Topp, Volker Krueger, Jacek Malec, Maj Stenmark
  • Construction Robotics (prerequisite FRTF20), Mathias Haage
  • Human-Robot Interaction (prerequisite EDAP20 or EDAP01), Elin Anna Topp, Maj Stenmark
  • Knowledge Representation (prerequisite EDAP01), Jacek Malec
  • Machine Learning (prerequisite EDAN96 or equivalent), Pierre Nugues
  • Natural Language Processing (prerequisite EDAN20), Pierre Nugues
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