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Welcome to Robotics and Semantic Systems Research

Kuka IIWA Dual-Arm robotic System

YuMi Robot

Matthias Mayr presenting the Skills for Robot Systems (SkiRoS) software


Welcome Ayesha Jena! Ayesha has joined our group in mid-April 2022 as a new PhD student on the ELLIIT project Elin is running together with Patrick Doherty's group at Linköping University. She will be working on Mixed-Initiave...[more]


”Buster”, som fick sitt namn från en klass på Fäladsskolan i Lund, arbetar just nu på en byggarbetsplats i Lund. Där inspekterar han så att allt följer planen och hamnar på rätt plats. Framtidens kollega för byggarbetare kanske?[more]


Filip Kronström is a new PhD student at our group. He will be fully funded by ELLIIT, and he will be working with Elin on mixed initiative interaction for collaborative robotics.[more]


Good news: We received funding for two PhD students. One PhD student will be working with Elin on collaborative robotics. One PhD student will be working with Volker on Reliable Computer Vision for Autonomous Systems.[more]


Photo montage of user interface och VR based navigation och autonomous ships.

Just like self-driving cars, we can expect autonomous ships to become more common in the coming years. However, two safety challenges which need to be solved along the way, and which are different for ships compared to cars, are...[more]

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